Mortal Kombat Novels

Because Real Mortal Kombat Fans Read Books


And now, for some random MK trivia, mostly derived from the books:
  • Both Jeff Rovin's MK Novel and the novelization of the first MK movie specifically mention that Sonya primarily uses her left foot for kicking.
  • Scorpion's name of "Yong Park" was invented for Jeff Rovin's MK novel several years before his real name of "Hanzo Hasashi" was written into the game's canon.
  • Sonya's partner who was killed by Kano was named Sparky in the MK comics by Malibu, Cliff LoDolce in Jeff Rovin's MK novel, Bill van Hoven in the MK movie novelization, and Wexler in the cartoon show, Defenders of the Realm.
  • Shang Tsung's island was shown to be in three different spots: The East China Sea (Jeff Rovin's Novel and the Malibu comics), The South China Sea (the novelizations of the movie), and The Lost Sea (in both MK1 for PC and MK Deception's Konquest Mode).
  • Does Shang Tsung's ship have a name?  According to the novels and the action figures, she is referred to as "The Dragon Wing".  Years later, the games would dub her "The Nethership".
  • Who is that Master Boyd character, anyway?  The MK movie novelization reveals his full name as Bill Boyd, and he has trained Johnny from the time he was a youth.
  • The spelling of the Thunder God Raiden was changed to Rayden for the home version, for legal reasons.  (Presumably, Midway/Acclaim didn't want to get sued by the makers of the arcade game, Raiden.)  Since most fans played Mortal Kombat on their SNES or Genesis at the time, the spelling of Rayden spilled over into the movies as well as the novelizations.
  • While "Raiden" was used in the official Midway comics, Malibu's licensed comics also used the spelling "Rayden", again to stay relevant to Mortal Kombat fans who played the game on their home consoles.
  • Jax's name was spelled as "Jaxx" in the first MK movie (see the credits), however this spelling reverted back to "Jax" for the novels, as well as for the movie's sequel, Annihilation.
  • There seems to be no logical reason, however, for the changing of spelling "Shinnok" as "Shinnock", nor for "Centaurian" as "Centauran" for the MK: Annihilation novelization.
  • Was that a random warrior that came out of Ermac in MK: Annihilation or was that in fact, Noob Saibot?  The MKA novelization makes it clear that it was indeed everyone's favorite noob.
  • Also, the script for MKA confirms this as well: Ermac "miraculously splits into two separate fighters: Ermac and Noob Saibot... an identical ninja, only dressed in black.  Now it is two against one."  See a scan of this part of the script.  Thanks to Goro Still Lives for the info!
  • Interestingly enough, Noob Saibot was given a story in the television show Mortal Kombat: Conquest which showed him as being made out of oil.  This would later be contradicted by the game's story which revealed him to be a shadowy wraith of the Netheralm and in fact, the original Sub-Zero.
  • According to this page, Martin Delrio (the author of both versions of the Mortal Kombat movie novelizations) doesn't exist.  Rather, it is a pseudonym representing two people: James D. MacDonald and Debra Doyle.